The Kobo iOS app allows users to get around their books with minimal effort by using the Quick Flip feature. It's a simple and intuitive feature to help you efficiently scan through your latest read. 

Want to jump ahead to the end and see if the butler did it? Need to go back and review who all those characters are? Don’t call up the menu: Quick Flip lets you rapidly turn the pages of a book without disrupting the reading experience.

Quick Flip is true to its name: simply press and hold the side of the page – the longer you press, the faster the pages go. To get back to where you left off, just tap the back arrow in the lower left corner.

We wanted to offer a natural alternative to using the navigation slider to move around a book by simply pressing and holding the side of the page. 

Have you tried Quick Flip? Check out this video and start navigating your book with ease, and leave a comment below to let us know what you think about this feature.