Kobo’s heading to Japan! Today our fearless leader, Mike Serbinis, is in Japan spreading the word that Kobo’s full eReading service is coming to the Japanese market on July 19th.

Starting today, the Kobo Touch eReader can be pre-ordered for ¥7,980 including tax (or $100 USD) in time for the official Kobo launch where we’ll be offering a fully localized Japanese experience at http://kobo.rakuten.co.jp, with local currency, and popular Japanese content and authors.

Kobo will offer a robust lineup of Japanese titles, including novels, essays, business and comic books, in addition to the 2.5-million titles available in Japan. The Kobo Japanese catalogue will contain a wide assortment of titles by year end, including exclusive content only available through Kobo.

Look out Japan – here comes Kobo!

Kobo Touch Japan