Calling all booklovers! Reading with Kobo just got even more rewarding. The Kobo Super Points loyalty program was created specifically with passionate readers in mind.


Earning points is easy! Customers are automatically enrolled – there are no forms to fill out – and begin receiving Kobo Super Points with the purchase of their next great book. Booklovers earn 100 Kobo Super Points for every $10 spent on eBooks and magazines, with the ability to redeem points for eBooks once 2,400 have accumulated.


Avid readers might want to consider joining the Kobo Super Points VIP program.  With the purchase of a $10 annual membership, points per purchase are doubled. What’s more, these booklovers get a discount of 10% off an exclusive list of more than one million titles every day, and an additional 10% off select Kobo promotions. They also receive one free eBook of their choosing every year. For more details about Kobo Super Points, please visit:


To further celebrate reading, why not Share the Love?


To celebrate Kobo Super Points, customers can enter the new Share the Love contest for a chance to win great prizes, including cash, eReaders, Kobo Super Points, and the grand prize – a once in a lifetime travel experience for two with the choice to choose from Europe, South America or French Polynesia. (What great places to read on the beach!)


To increase your chances of winning, enter weekly by answering questions such as:


What do you love most about reading?

Which fictional character would you most love to meet?

How has reading changed your life?


The contest is open to readers in Canada (excluding Québec), US, and the UK, and runs from Oct 12 to Nov 22, 2015. For more details and full rules & regulations:


We wish you happy reading!