With the Kobo Touch and Kobo Desktop software updates, your eReading experience will become more intuitive, personalized and tailored to suit your eReading needs.

Find out what the Kobo Touch update has in store for you:

New Book Recommendations: Your eBook recommendations are now at your finger tips! The new book lists at the bottom of your Home screen showcase books you may be interested in, as well as any books you’ve added to your Shortlist.

New Home Menu: A consolidated Home menu will now contain your Library, Store, Reading Life, Settings, Sync, and Help.

New Sync Options: Sync anytime and anywhere by touching the cloud icon in the status bar.

Other Improvements: Now you’ll enjoy faster page turning and searching, plus crisper and sharper text.

Find out what Kobo Desktop Application has in store for you:

New “Recommended for you”: This new panel automatically finds books tailored to your tastes.

Other Improvements: You’ll enjoy better performance and overall experience.

Click here to update Kobo Desktop, and don’t forget to download the new Kobo Touch software update today!