Kobo was thrilled to partner with The COLLECTIONS during World MasterCard Fashion Week supporting seven Canadian designers as they brought their inspirations to life on the runway. Notable names, Chloé comme Parris, Sid Neigum, Thomas Bálint, Laura Siegel, and Klaxon Howl, as well as new designers, LACERDA, and Matthew Gallagher who used the Kobo Arc tablet to draw inspiration in creating and managing their looks leading into the show.

We had the opportunity to chat with each designer about where they find the inspiration to create their one-of-a-kind designs. From music to movies, vintage magazines to military uniforms, ideas that shape their work can come from just about anywhere – their passion for design is something we share at Kobo and we caught it all on video.  Check out our series of videos at www.youtube.com/kobobooks.

Here’s a quick recap of the behind-the-scenes of the Chloé comme Parris show. Check out how it all came together!


Tomorrow is the last day to enter the “Designed with Love” Pinterest Contest! The seven amazing Canadian designers we worked with created beautiful Kobo Arc cases inspired by their current collections to keep the lucky winner – and their tablet – looking chic.

Check out Kobo on Pinterest for a chance to win one of seven Kobo Arc 7” Android tablets and a case inspired by designs fresh off the runway.

Laura Siegel, World MasterCard Fashion Week. Photo by: Michael Ho
Kobo Arc hits the runway with Chloe Comme Parris. Photo by: Jeffrey Chan
Thomas Bálint, World MasterCard Fashion Week. Photo by: Michael Ho


Chloe Comme Parris Kobo Arc case. Photo by: Yousuf Afridi






Sid Neigum, World MasterCard Fashion Week. Photo by: Michael Ho
Matthew Gallagher Kobo Arc Case. Photo by: Yousuf Afridi