Kobo Writing Life is just a month old and to celebrate we’re sweetening the deal for registered authors this fall. From September through November, Kobo will apply an extra 10% in royalties on the sale of eligible titles.

Since the launch, Kobo sales in the self-publishing category have already jumped 700 percent with authors from 73 countries publishing titles across ten languages —igniting readers around the world with new eBooks in all categories including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Thrillers, and much more!

Among the top-sellers, indie superstar Hugh Howey published Wool on Kobo Writing Life on the first day it launched—and has never looked back.  His book series consistently appears within the top 10 on Kobo’s Science Fiction bestseller list in North America.

Notable author, Bella Andre has also experienced success with Kobo Writing Life, taking her eBooks global with translated titles available in French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Andre currently has a number of eBooks among Kobo’s top-25 bestselling contemporary romance novels.

Keep the self-pub titles coming! If you are an indie author or know one looking to join the Kobo Writing Life ranks, check out www.Kobo.com/WritingLife to get more details about how we offer 10% higher royalties every day and to take advantage of our promotion this fall.

“I’ve had readers get in touch from all over the world asking me where they can get DRM-free ePub copies of my books. I finally have an answer: Kobo. Count me as a fan, both as a writer and as a reader.”
~Hugh Howey, Kobo Writing Life author

“Kobo’s Writing Life platform has made publishing my books around the world extremely efficient and easy,”
~ Bella Andre, Kobo and New York Times bestselling author