The Kobo offices are a little sparse today. A few theories:

• Extended holiday weekend
• Developer exhaustion from getting our iPad app ready for launch day
• Can’t peel themselves away from their iPad to come to work

Probably some combination of the above.

Road Trip!!!

On Saturday some members of the Kobo team headed to Buffalo (closest US Apple store to Toronto) and San Francisco (the Flagship) for the launch of the much awaited iPad. There was lots of waiting in line, joking with Apple Fankids, and sharing of the Kobo cheer (in the form of t-shirts and free eBooks) – GO KOBO!!!

The lines weren’t quite as long as for the iPhone launch a few years back, but the energy was just as infectious. Even iPad skeptics became believers after soaking in the enthusiasm of the fanatics.

The Kobo team was struck by the Apple production value, and how it’s more theater than retail. Hundreds (and hundreds) of employees could be heard cheering/chanting/counting, in what sounded more like a locker room pep talk than a store about to open. The Starbucks and Krispy Kremes were appreciated…

Within minutes of opening, we had Kobo up and running on our iPads as well as on the iPads of our new line buddies.