There have been many stories written in the past few weeks in blogs and traditional media about the future of bookstore apps on iPhone and iPad. A succession of events and announcements — Sony’s rejection from the App Store, the Apple subscription announcement, changes to App Store Review Guidelines — has fuelled speculation that major changes would be required in order for bookstores to remain in the App Store.
Against that dramatic backdrop, we are happy to announce that version 4.2.1 of Kobo for iPhone and iPad was approved last night and is now available in the App Store. No changes were requested and the app went through without comment. On one hand, it’s a great little release that has new background colour options, performance improvements and better library syncing. On the other, it’s an excellent signal** both to Kobo customers and the market as a whole that Apple continues to support companies like Kobo who are building great reading and buying experiences on iOS.
Thanks, Apple!
** in true Apple fashion, the signal is coded, enigmatic, oblique, and subject to interpretation.