At Kobo, we like to say “Lead with Speed.” Here it is, April and already so much has happened that the last four months have gone by in a flash. We’ve celebrated milestones including our continued triple-digit year-over-year growth, our E Ink and tablet eReaders have won awards around the world, and our teams have travelled to France, Italy, Japan, Brazil, India, and Russia. Yes, speed is exactly what we do.


But, as busy as we are, it wasn’t all that long ago that we started. In fact, we recently celebrated a milestone. Four years ago, Shortcovers was created – Kobo’s predecessor. That little eBook pilot is what started Kobo on its path to quickly expand around the world as the best international eReading platform. Our humble beginnings started with 140 eBooks sold in our first week and only 40 visits to our website and apps – we now do this in seconds and serve customers in 190 countries with a catalogue of 3.2-million books in 68 languages.


It’s amazing how the industry has changed – how Kobo has changed. Together our shared experiences are becoming a bigger part of the narrative. New challenges are coming our way, and I look forward to meeting them.


Open Mike, is my chance to give you an inside look into the life at Kobo, the eReading industry, my travels, and the odd personal anecdote so that while we lead with speed, our shared successes don’t pass with a blink of an eye.