Naturally, we love to talk about what goes on between the covers. The days where talking about sex was taboo is far behind us. Regardless whether you’re a Charlotte or a Samantha, you can find a book that fits your sensibilities. To help navigate through the myriad possibilities, we matched a book about sex and relationships to each of the Sex and the City characters, so simply choose who you most identify with for the right book for you. However, doubling or even tripling up on some of these books is encouraged–you know, for research purposes. 


CharlotteMen Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus; A Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex by John Gray

Charlotte is sweet, conservative, and occasionally naïve. When she speaks about relationships it’s traditional and idealistic. There are rules to love. There’s no reason why she wouldn’t turn to the most well-known relationship book ever as a guide. Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus will feel like required reading; this would also be an interesting read if you’re curious to compare how relationships have changed since the book was published in ’92.


Miranda Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex by Mary Roach 

Miranda is a sapiosexual. It is not surprising that if she were looking for literature on love and relationships she’d go for the heavy hitters. Bonk follows the winding history of science and its exploration of human sexuality, going back as far as Aristotle and finally ending with recent discoveries about the origination and anatomy of the female orgasm. It’s precisely the kind of book a lawyer like her would pour over with a highlighter. If you’re looking to get analytical, this is the book that will supply you with fascinating facts to share at brunch.


Carrie Doing It!: Let's Talk About Sex... by Hannah Witton

Like Carrie, Hannah Witton is a spectacular essayist who also has a YouTube channel dedicated to talking about sex, relationships, women’s issues and more. There is no doubt that a Carrie of today would have a YouTube channel covering all the same topics. Finding safe spaces to discuss subjects like sexting, virginity, and consent is tricky. Doing It! is a book that doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, but comforts you with personal stories you can relate to, just like Carrie’s column does.   


Samantha – Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life by Emily Nagoski

Samantha isn’t here to play games. She has a mission, and that mission is her own pleasure. If she makes time out of her busy social life to read a book it better be giving her exactly what she needs. Come As You Are reveals the true story behind female sexuality, uncovering the little-known science of what makes us tick and, more importantly, how and why. Dr. Emily Nagoski’s essential lesson that every woman has her own unique sexuality, like a fingerprint, is sure to exhilarate Samantha and vindicate her own sensual explorations. Alternatively, Samantha may enjoy Satisfaction, A Guide to the Female Orgasm written by the actress who played her.