In November we gave readers the chance to have their questions answered by I Heart Christmas author Lindsey Kelk. Now, just in time for the holidays we have your answers! Happy Christmas everyone!


1. Was it hard writing your first book?


In all honesty, the first book wasn't hard at all because there was zero pressure. I was just writing for the love of writing and because I wanted to tell a story. I had the first draft all done within the first six weeks. Ever since then, it's only got more difficult!


2. How do you start the writing process for your stories?


I'm not a very good planner, the more preliminary work I do, the more it feels like procrastinating. Most often, I work from a very short blurb that I send to my publisher and then go from there. I tend to sketch out scenes and chapters as I go along, often just in my head with really basic outlines written down. When I overwork and overplan, I feel like the final product comes out a bit dry.


3. How much time do you dedicate to your writing? Do you go for days or are you more strict writing a little each day?


Once I start, I find it very difficult to stop. I can easily go for a straight twelve hours once my attention is caught up in the story.


4. Which has been your favourite book to write so far?


I loved writing my first book because it was so great to know that I could actually sit down and put a whole story on the page, it felt like an epic achievement. Other than that, I really enjoyed writing my most recent book, I Heart Christmas. It's been 18 months since I wrote I Heart London and it was fun to revist old characters and see how their lives have moved on. Plus I really, really love Christmas and I really, really love New York so combining those two things in one book was great fun.


5. Who is your favourite character -(out of her own created characters)?


It's so hard to choose! I often have a soft spot for the awful characters. It's fun to write bitches and always interesting to try to show a new and original character who isn't entirely one dimensional but says all the things you think but would never actually say. At the moment, I'm totally invested in Tess Brookes from About a Girl as I'm working on the sequel. She's a character who is learning a lot about herself as the books go on and it's interesting to see where that journey goes.


6. Who is her favourite author to read?


I read so much, it's difficult to choose one author. I really love everything by Margaret Atwood, Kazuo Ishiguro and Michael Cunningham but my favourite book of all time is The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I've been waiting to find a free weekend to devour The Goldfinch. Ten years is so long to wait for a book!