There are so many ways you can read with Kobo – you can read with the Kobo eReading App on your iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet, your Kobo eReader, other devices that are Powered By Kobo, or even another eReader like a Sony or a Nook. It’s really time we gave you one place to manage all these devices and organize your library. Or maybe you don’t want to use one of those devices and you just want to read your book on your laptop.

Meet the new Kobo Desktop, now generally available for download (for free!) and compatible with dozens of eReaders.

For the first time, anyone can download (free!) and use (also free!) our desktop app. An earlier version shipped exclusively on board the Kobo eReader, so a few of you have a version of this already. Now you can read, manage your library and devices, and even shop for eBooks directly from your computer or laptop.

Think of it like your iTunes for Books. The Kobo Desktop App offers you the same benefits – a personalized, secure and central location to manage all your eBook content. Unlike iTunes though, the Kobo desktop helps you with non Kobo device/apps as well. Own a Nook or Sony Reader but want to shop with Kobo or access our huge catalog of ebooks? Great! Our desktop app also makes it easy to connect your eReader (any Adobe DRM / ePub compatible eReader or device).

All you have to do is download the desktop application and install it on your computer (we support both Windows and Mac). Once you’ve installed the application, you can:

• Get reading right away: Sign in to instantly access the eBooks you’ve already purchased on Kobo and download them to your computer.

• Read Offline: On the go without an internet connection? Once you’ve downloaded your eBooks to the Kobo Desktop Application, you can read them offline, without a connection.

• Sync with your favorite eReader: Easily transfer your books from the Kobo Desktop Application to your Kobo eReader, Nook, Sony eReader or any other standards-based eReader.

• Great Readability: Customize font style and size to suit how you like to read.

• Automatic Bookmarking: Pickup reading right where you left off! Plus, your bookmarks follow you from your desktop to your Smartphone to your tablet to your eReader.

• Easier Shopping: Use the integrated Kobo eBook Store to make shopping and downloading eBooks a breeze.

To get you started – download the app at and save $2 off an eBook purchase, enter code: kobodesktop

Download the free Kobo Desktop app now and get reading! We’ll be updating this app regularly so please let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll incorporate your feedback!