5:00 AM: I call it my witching hour. When I have a deadline looming this is when I get out of bed. But otherwise this is when I get out of bed in my head. All my best ideas come to me at this time. In this semi-asleep state I live with my characters inside my story. Sometimes I carry the work I’ve done onto the page, sometimes it’s just fuel. 


6:00 AM: This is bustle hour with my bubble of calm. My highschoolers are up and getting ready for school but I’m by myself in my kitchen. The most important act of the day happens now: I make enough chai to fuel my day. Occasionally, I’ll go straight to writing, finish up a scene, edit something from the previous day, use up some of my witching hour fairy dust. Sometimes I’ll use it to get set up for the day, answer emails, and make my to do list. This is generally when I set my intention of what I want to accomplish during my day. 

7:00 AM: The kids are gone. The puppy has been cuddled (okay, well, that task is never entirely done). For the next three hours I focus mostly on writing and try to ignore social media and any other distractions. Somedays this battle is easier than others, depending on where I am with my story, but also depending on the phases of the moon.

10:00 AM: I take time off for yoga and speaking to my parents and my mother-in-law.


The Afternoon: The productivity of this time depends entirely on where I am in terms of the book I’m working on. If I’m struggling, the chances that I’ll get anything written are low and I’ll end up spending this time on authorly business and possibly tinkering with the story and brainstorming with an author friend. If I’m revising and it’s going well I’ll get a good amount of work done.

The Evening: Once the family returns from their day, it’s mostly turning the writer off (again, easier some days than others). I cook, drive my kids around, walk the dog with the hubby in the summer (in the winter, he’s on his own, thank you very much!). This is also when I read.


Bedtime: When the hubby is home, it’s the Food Network before we sleep. When he’s travelling, it’s me and the book I’m reading.