Tara Sue Me c Glen McCurtayne-Coleman-Rayner

6:30 AM: I can rarely sleep past 6:30. On the weekends, while everyone else sleeps, I’ll take my e-reader, make a cup of coffee, and read for an hour or so. If it’s a weekday, I’ll make sure the kids get up and moving, pack lunches, and see them off. 

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8:00 AM: It’s time to get the dogs up and out. We have two French Bulldogs (aka Fifi and Pierre). We rescued them when they were four and five, now they’re eleven and twelve.

8:30 AM: I’m sitting at my desk with coffee and breakfast. Breakfast is usually an organic cereal of some sort with raisins added if we have them. Now is when I reply to any emails or make those never-ending phone calls that always seem to have to be made: scheduling appointments, repairmen, insurance etc.

9:30 AM: If I’m not in DEADLINE HELL, I’ll use this time to do website updates, design pictures and the like for social media, or get any items mailed out that need to go. Sometimes, I’ll work on rewrites or edits if those are due. If I am in DEADLINE HELL (which I usually am) I’ll get straight to the wordage of the day. 

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11:30 AM: I’ll take a break and take the dogs out, check the mail, and prepare lunch. My husband and I are pescatarian 99% of the time, Youngest is vegan, and Oldest is Typical Teenager, but we eat mostly organic and limit our sugar. As such, lunch is usually leftovers or a peanut butter and banana sandwich. 

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12:30 PM: It’s back to getting wordage down.

3:30 PM: The kids are home now and I’ll talk with them and then get some mileage on my stationary bike (in the winter) or go for a swim (in the summer).

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4:30 PM: Usually one of the kids has a sporting event to go to. Youngest plays basketball and Oldest is into baseball. Needless to say, we’re on the road a lot!

6:30 PM: I cook most nights (see above for crazy diets). And we always eat together as a family. I love this time together. We laugh, and debate, and have those crazy conversations that mean so much. It’s amazing as our kids grow, how much we learn from THEM.

8:00 PM: Everyone’s usually doing their own thing. If I’m in DEADLINE HELL, I’ll get back to work, taking care of whatever needs to be done, either wordage or edits. If I’m not, I’ll pick up my ereader and read.