At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, manufacturers and carriers (LG, Nokia, Acer, Palm, Samsung, Vodafone…) launched new smartphones with great high res touch screens, and a ton of new netbooks.  Powerful ‘convergence’ devices with 3G and Wifi connectivity, beautiful screens great for reading AND calling, emailing, watching videos, taking photos, surfing and more…at the right price.

Consumers want the convenience and value of using a smartphone or netbook when it comes to reading great content.  Shortcovers’ focus is to aggressively support a wide range of these devices including the iPhone, Blackberry and Google Android platforms to begin with.

Check out the Palm Pre – one of my favourite new devices:


It’s pretty slick. Great screen, multi-touch, qwerty keyboard, it’s own SDK and app catalog….and like (almost) every other app store – easy for developers to launch & update their apps.