The new software update for Kobo Vox features key bug fixes and will allow users to experience new customization and enhanced features.

The following improvements have been incorporated:

• Resolved issue with battery level not reporting the correct charge.
• Resolved issue with some customers losing their WiFi connectivity.
• Improved video streaming.
• Improved the stability of device resuming from Standby mode.
• Plus various bug fixes.

Check out these new and exciting features included in the latest Kobo Vox release:

Improved reading menu: New reading menu will allow you to easily access and customizes your reading preferences; brightness, font size, page styling and many more.

Dictionary: With the new dictionary feature you will be able to look up a word or a phrase right from the eBook.

New Page themes: Read your eBooks in the soft sepia colour tone that mimics a vintage-style book.

New Fonts: Times New Roman font style is now available.

New Shelf Backgrounds: Now your Kobo book shelf can be just as stylish as your Kobo Vox, with many sleek styles to choose from.

Direct Search: Browse the Kobo Bookstore directly from the Android Search widget.

Kobo Store Home Button: Kobo Store Home Button is now easier to find.

Powering on your Kobo Vox: To power on the Kobo Vox, press the button for 2.5s, or until the LED lights up, before the Kobo Vox can be powered on. This enhancement will reduce customers accidentally powering on the Kobo Vox.

All Kobo Vox users will receive an automatic notification to update their software or you can check for the update manually by going to Settings > About Kobo eReader > System Update.