The latest version of Kobo’s iOS app showcases the most anticipated features yet: Kobo Pulse and Syncing Annotations .

Kobo Pulse takes social reading to the next level by allowing you to join the in-book conversations and share your insights with the Kobo Pulse community. Plus, your highlights and notes are synced across your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, so all your annotations are always accessible.

Social Reading gets even better with Kobo Pulse:

Feel the Life of A Book: Books come alive with Kobo Pulse. Find out how many people are reading with you and explore what people are saying about the hottest books. The Pulse indicator gets bigger and brighter on pages with the most activity, so you’ll never miss a lively discussion.

Join the Conversation: See what other readers think of your current read, share your ideas and opinions, and comment on individual passages and ongoing discussions with the Kobo Pulse Community.

Share your Reading Life: Share your comments and favourite passages -from your latest read, plus share your Reading Life awards and compare your reading stats with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Your highlights and notes are now synced on iOS!

Sync your annotations: All of your notes and highlights are now synced, to the cloud and accessible on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Update your Kobo app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch today here and join the conversation!