The response to our Last Days of Discount has been fantastic. Yesterday was our best sales day ever as Kobo customers made the most of these final pre-agency days. It’s looking like today is going to be even better! And we saw a surge of new users trying out Kobo for the first time*. Welcome! To customers new and old, you still have until midnight ET tonight to make use of the $2-off-as-many-books-as-you-like discount code: 2party

A quick update on the agency roll-out. We’ll see three of the Agency 5 go live tonight at midnight with their new pricepoints. One of those will include a rollout in Canada. The other two publishers will go on live in the US on April 3rd. (Apparently there’s some kind of hardware launch that day. Who knows what that’s all about. Oh wait, we do!)

(As a side note, we’re also seeing some terrific pre-order traffic for the new Kobo eReader. If you want something on which to read all those great books you just bought, take a look at this.)

* And considering the spike in “How do I put an epub on my _____ device?” customer care calls, a lot of those people are switching to Kobo on eInk readers they already own. I guess this read-on-any-device thing has some legs!