One of the early pieces of feedback we’ve been getting from users since we launched was around our pricing. Since even before Shortcovers launched, we have been working on improving the prices we can offer you on our books, and today we’re happy to announce that pricing is indeed improving, and you can expect it to continue to get better over time.

We’ve been able to improve our pricing for 3 reasons:

  • We’ve been working closely with publishers, and have been getting better prices directly from them
  • We had some glitches with our original pricing algorithm that caused it to price a number of items higher than it should have
  • We have added promotional pricing for books that we are featuring on our Home, Topics and Writers pages

As Shortcovers grows, we expect prices to get even better!

We have some more announcements coming up in the next few days and weeks – ALOT more books, some big improvements to our iPhone and Blackberry applications, the public release of a new Mobile platform, just to mention a few. Stay Tuned!