With the recent reboot of the famous Archie Comics Series as a totally addictive new Netflix show, fans of all generations have reason to rejoice. Why? Because Riverdale is putting Archie & The Gang back at the epicenter of pop culture, right where we think it belongs. You know a show has major impact when people are asking themselves, “Am I a Josie, Betty, Cheryl or Veronica?” all over again. 

The Riverdale live-action series is a grittier version of the comic books you once devoured in your youth, with a murder mystery surrounding the central Archie characters. This gang is your sleeker, millennial version of the original crew: they can tweet, hashtag, reference the 80’s and 90’s, and are as witty as heck.  Since they devour culture at high-speed, we love dreaming up what each character’s favourite book would be to load onto their Kobo’s this summer. 

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Archie’s Pick:  Some people might see dear Archie as just another football jock, but deep down, he’s all about his music and fancies himself a budding songwriter. We think that he’d be reading M Train by Patti Smith, a tome filled with poetic ruminations from the prolific singer-songwriter herself. We can just imagine Archie reading this book by the glow of his Kobo while pausing to write down the lines of a song or two.


Betty’s Pick: We think that darling Betty would be seduced by one of the summer’s hottest reads, All the People We Hate At The Wedding by Grant Ginder. Like Betty and the rest of the Coopers, the presentation is all coiffed and prim, with only a hint of the rage and family drama that lies between the lines. We can envision Betty heading up to attic for some peace and quiet, and reading this book within a day.


Jughead’s Pick: Juggie fancies himself a brooding intellectual, which means that he’d probably have a slightly beat-up Kobo with the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition version of On The Road: The Original Scroll by Jack Kerouac loaded onto it. Sure, it’s a popular book, but Jughead would have the Deluxe version, perfect for passing the time when he’s not writing or trying to solve Jason Blossom’s murder with Betty. 


Veronica’s Pick: Veronica probably already has her advance-reading copy of 2017’s thriller of the year, Into The Water by Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl On The Train. Ronnie is well-connected and in the know, and wouldn’t dare go without reading the buzz-worthy new thriller, likely while on shopping breaks consuming lattes. We imagine her instagraming her Kobo Cover of Into The Water right next to her signature pearls. 


Josie’s Pick: Josie’s all about feminism, but she interprets her own source of inner power with the utmost originality, which comes out in both her music and cat ears. She’s beating to the sound of her own acoustics, much like Bad Feminist writer Roxanne Gay, who proclaims that her favourite colour is pink. We wonder if the sleep cover protecting the library on Josie’s Kobo would be leopard print?


Cheryl’s Pick: Cheryl’s in a class of her own.  The seemingly unstable cheerleader is mourning the murder of her twin brother, has a tongue like a razor, and a family that makes all families look normal in comparison. Our prickly Blossom would probably be reading the classic true-crime drama In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, while drinking an especially chilled glass of maple syrup water from a goblet in her moody bedroom.

Now It’s your turn. What books do you think you would you find loaded in the Kobo’s of the Riverdale crew?