The Plastic Logic Que debuted at CES, along with 100 other eReaders, at astronomic prices. How much do you think $799 eInk readers will be selling for on eBay next year?

Kindle Apps! Developers drop Android and start coding hot new Sudoku apps with the Kindle Development Kit. Really? That seemed like a good idea? Clearly more to the story.

Random Nook Sightings have moved from blog lore to reality. There are a few of them out there now, making it a neck and neck race with the Daily Edition from Sony.

[Shameless Plug] Kobo announces tablet apps coming in February, and an iPad app in March/April.

And then there was the introduction of The JesusTablet. With tremendous fanfare, we all watched Steve Jobs surf the web on it for 20 minutes. We can’t wait to get one! Our app is well into development.

And with it comes the iBookstore – There’s an app for that! (But only on Apple devices, and maybe only the iPad.)

Ali vs. Frasier. Tyson vs. Holyfield. Amazon vs. MacMillian! Agency vs. eCommerce. Amazon pulled the buy buttons for MacMillan books in a shot across the Agency model bow. (MacMillian landed the knock out punch, at least according to the media)

Harper, Hachette and others announced that they would move towards agency, making eBooks more expensive for consumers.

At least one publisher had the guts to proclaim that they would make $29.99 eBooks available – significantly raising prices. The SuperExtendaMixEbook, loaded with extra videos of the author describing how exciting it was to write their latest book. Yawn.

So, what’s next? Change. In a couple days, I’ll post my predictions for what we’ll see in the next five weeks, which will make today feel like a distant memory.

Kobo continues to grow at a rapid pace – check out our new Jobs page at: