Since its launch in 2011 Fifty Shades of Grey has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon. Originally self-published as Twilight fan-fiction, E.L. James’ erotic tale of a virginal heroine who falls for a bondage-loving billionaire has sold over 100 million copies globally and been translated into 52 languages to date.


With the highly anticipated film adaptation now on its way, we decided to look at “how” (certainly there’s no “if”) readers from around the world consume the novel.


Fifty Shades: Sexy Stats

We don’t want to judge, but it seems like English-speakers around the globe like quickies while non-English speakers like to take their time. With this knowledge, we couldn’t help but wonder…. who tops the charts when it comes to session length (of time reading Fifty Shades of Grey):


English Speakers:

  • Great Britain – 33 minutes
  • Australia – 34 minutes
  • English Canada – 35 minutes


Non-English Speaking Countries:

  • Netherlands – 49 minutes
  • French Canada – 56 minutes
  • France – 58 minutes
  • Italy – 59 minutes


So do people who speak “romance languages” have a higher tolerance for romance—greater literary endurance than their English-speaking compatriots? Or is that the Brits and North Americans are putting down the book to get to something else? Whatever the reason, it’s likely that Fifty Shades will be sticking around (no matter where in the world you go).