There is nothing more enticing than the waft of BBQ under your nose followed by a refreshingly sweet ice cream in the hot summer months. You’re spending time outside, you’re playing Frisbee with your kids, why not indulge with salty chips, chocolate, and hot dogs?

Consumers really don’t stand a chance against the lure of junk food. But did you know that the decision to have that bag of chips isn’t entirely up to you?

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Moss author or Salt Sugar Fat,  details the ways big snack companies seduce.  Scientists, mathematicians and chemists are working day and night to figure out what makes a potato chip more addictive, a frozen treat more creamy, and a soda more flavourful.

And even though he knows exactly how a snack has been made and marketed, he still finds himself diving in from time to time.

Find out what else Moss had to say about what makes junk food so darn delicious.