In a few short hours, there will be only one place you can purchase and download the Lost Symbol eBook and read it on your iPhone, Sony Reader, Blackberry, Android Smartphone, Palm Pre, laptop, online, or pretty much anywhere else.  Proving that Shortcovers means it when we say “you should be able to read any book on any device,” today we officially launch support for ePUB downloads for your eReader, laptop, netbook, Mac or PC.   You can buy eBooks at Shortcovers, and take them wherever you like to read (well, except one closed device, but that’s another blog post).

In the six months or so since we first launched, one thing we’ve learned is that readers want to read on the device of their choice, and that can vary depending on whether they are on the go or at home in their favorite chair.  They don’t want to be told how to read, or asked to buy an expensive device, just for the privilege of buying an eBook. We want Shortcovers to be an open platform that serves all devices and all the ways you want to read.  Supporting ePUB downloads and Adobe ACS helps us achieve that goal, in conjunction with our web service and popular smartphone Apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Palm Pre.

In addition to the Sony Reader and the top smartphone platforms, you can use Shortcovers as your eBook store for other dedicated eReaders, including those produced by Astak, BeBook (Endless Ideas), Bookeen, COOL-ER, Elonex, Hanlin Reading DeviceIREX Technologies, and Neolux Corporation.  No doubt, more are coming.

Want to make sure your eBooks don’t mysteriously disappear?   Download them from your Shortcovers library to your desktop for safekeeping, reading, or just plain offline convenience.  Want access to your library from anywhere?  Simply login to your Shortcovers account, and access your library in the cloud.

I am reading The Evolution of God (heavy, I know) right now on my Blackberry Bold / iPhone 3GS.  Regardless where, how, who or what you like to read, we’re here to provide you with the best eBook experience.   In a few hours I am going to start reading the Lost Symbol.  For all you Dan Brown fans – we are the only place to buy the Lost Symbol, to read on your eReader, Smartphone and Desktop.

I encourage you to come check out our latest news for yourself at  If you have existing free or purchased items in your library, download the ePub files now – to your desktop, laptop, or eReader.   If you have an Sony eReader, and you want the convenience of buying eBooks at low prices, accessing your library on the go from your smartphone, backing up your precious library AND reading on your eReader – come check us out, you won’t be disappointed.

I look forward to hearing from you!