If you’ve been playing The Descent, you may have noticed that the key to cracking the code lies beyond the eBooks. With games on the mind, we drew clues from J.F. Penn’s “Sins of Violence” and other great works of post-apocalyptic literature, to bring you: Sins of Violence – Crossword.


The second installment of our new eBook trilogy, “Sins of Violence” will help you crack this crossword; as well as our extraordinary online game, The Descent. Play The Descent for your chance to win $5,000.


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13.           Blade Runner Inspiration

14.           Ari sets out to save her in Sins of Violence

15.           Sinful eBook writer



1.             The literary world's most famous cyberpunk novel

2.             Sins of Violence locale

3.             Where will you find the nine circles of hell?

4.              He rules the labyrinth

5.              Ari's mother

6.              A trio of Bodyguards

7.             The Last Man author

8.             The Marriage of Heaven and Hell author

9.             The leader of The Corps

10.          A Greek prophetess and Sins of Violence character

11.          In Greek mythology, she helped a hero defeat a half bull, half man.

12.          Post-apocalyptic novel from author of The Shining