Beth Kery loves romance – the more emotionally laden the better. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty books and novellas, best known for her mega-hit Because You Are Mine, an eight-part serialized erotic romance.

Beth’s new serial novel, When I’m With You, launched March 5 and we caught up with her to talk racy reading: 

What do you think about the huge success erotic romance is currently experiencing?  

Erotic romance has been around for a while but it’s the explosion of the readership that is so striking. I think Fifty Shades of Grey really tapped into that market at exactly the right time. The only thing for certain is that women were ready and eager for sexy, intense, romantic stories. The appeal is complex, but in my opinion, one of the appealing factors in a D/s or BDSM-themed erotic romance is the concept of letting go of control.

What impact has the invention of the eBook had on erotic romance as a genre?

I think eBooks have played a huge role. Ellora’s Cave, one of the early publishers in the erotic genre, began as an eBook-only publisher. eBooks provide us with convenience, a larger selection and privacy. I love romance books, but even I – who write in the genre – don’t want to pull out a book in public with a sexually explicit scene on a cover.

What provided the inspiration for Ian’s and Francesca’s story?

The kernel of Ian’s and Francesca’s story was my love of art. Oftentimes my stories will start out with a quick flash of a scene, and I build the rest of the story around that seed of an idea. With Because You Are Mine, the ‘flash’ was of an artist capturing a man in a moment of personal torment. It becomes sort of a soul thread connecting the couple, even though they don’t know one another. Ian feels this mixture of anger and longing for this person who inadvertently captured a part of him, and that becomes the stimulus for their entire love story.

What can you tell us about When I’m With You?

When I’m With You advances Ian and Francesca’s romance, and they are featured in it, although they are not the main hero and heroine. The main characters in When I’m With You are Lucien and Elise, and these two are explosive together. Now I’m starting the proposal for Because We Belong, the next and final chapter in Ian and Francesca’s love story.