Today the world lost a visionary and an icon – the kind that comes around once in a lifetime.

I am truly saddened by his passing, and my heart goes out to his family and all the people he has touched at Apple and around the world. As a teenager, the Macintosh was where I wrote about my first invention. Later, when I graduated from university, Apple’s “Think Different” campaign inspired me to start companies instead of work for them. Not too long ago, the Apple iPhone was the first place anyone ever read an eBook from Kobo.

Steve Jobs has changed our lives for the better. He has been an inspiration to millions, and will be remembered by the world for generations to come. He will be sorely missed.

At Kobo, we will donate a portion of all sales of Steve Job’s upcoming biography to cancer research and live by Steve’s words;
endeavouring to “Think Different.”

Michael Serbinis, CEO