Did you know that Jo Nesbo’s The Bat is the first book he published about the Inspector Harry Hole? For many around the world the answer is “yes.” But for those in the US, the bestselling Harry Hole series has been missing this electrifying start to his detective adventures for 16 years.

Now available at Kobo, we were thrilled when Nesbo stopped by to share with us how The Bat started his writing career. As unlikely as it was for Harry Hole to become an in international crime-fighter, Nesbo seemed an unlikely author. He had spent much of his career as a professional football player, a successful stock broker, and even rock star. It was only when a friend suggested that he should write a book – since he wrote the lyrics for his band’s songs – that Nesbo took the leap.

The Bat led to Nesbo’s career-change to bestselling author when he created the character of Harry Hole, a flawed Norwegian police detective who in this story lands in Sydney, Australia to help investigate the case of a serial killer.

“I thought it was a stand-alone thriller,” said Nesbo. “The idea was to write a novel, any novel….I just wanted to find out what that was all about.”

Find out more about what Nesbo had to say about the writing process and the appeal of Harry Hole in our Kobo in Conversation video.