On Friday February 3rd, Kobo Vox eReader made its Day Time TV debut appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Ellen DeGeneres is a well known and loved comedian, actress, and a host of her own TV show, and we are thrilled that our Kobo Vox eReader was featured on the show during a special Super Bowl episode.

Not only did our Kobo Vox eReader look great on camera as Ellen DeGeneres presented it to her audience, but it was amazing to see that our Kobo Vox eReader stirred up quite the cheer when Ellen announced that everyone in her studio audience will be taking one home with them.

Here are some highlights of what Ellen DeGeneres had to say about our Kobo Vox eReader:

“Get in the game with the Kobo Vox eReader that’s a tablet and a whole lot more. Access over 15,000 free apps, a million free books, get social and have fun.”

“Kobo Vox is the eReader tablet for today’s connected life — watch videos of the big game, huddle with your friends through Pulse and tackle new favourite reads from friends’ recommendations. The Kobo Vox tablet comes in 4 bold colors — one to match your personality.”

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