Today we all got our first look at another beautiful product from Apple.  It will be a great device for reading and Kobo will be on it from Day 1.  You will be able to use Kobo’s existing iPhone app, and I’m excited to announce that we are already working on Kobo for the IPad.  We will launch tablet apps for all major platforms – Apple, Windows, Android – and you can start using them in February.    

With Kobo for iPad, you will be able to read all the books you have already purchased, buy and read new ones, highlight, annotate, and leverage some very exciting new features we have in store for our new apps.   I can’t wait for you to see Kobo for iPad when it ships in 60 days.  In fact, we are so excited about it – we’ve included some screen shots of Kobo for iPad.

We also heard today that Apple recognizes that eBooks are going mainstream, and will launch an eBook store of their own.   This is further validation that eBooks are the future, and will no doubt be good for the entire market.   Welcome to eBooks Apple, and thank you for your support of the ePub standard!

We, of course, plan on building the best eReading service – apps, store, content – worldwide, in an open manner that gives consumers choice.  We believe consumers want choice on the content they consume, where they shop for content and the devices that they use.   

 So here’s Kobo’s commitment to you: 

  • We will be insanely focused on delivering the best EXPERIENCE for readers including amazing browsing, searching, shopping, reading, and a library in the cloud to manage all your books, journals, newspapers, magazines, notes, and ideas.  We even have some surprises in store…
  • We will continue to build the biggest catalog of eBooks, newspapers and magazines.  We have over 2 million eBooks with New York Times bestsellers at $9.99.
  • We will be on ANY AND EVERY DEVICE that will be great for reading.  Smartphones, Tablets, eReaders, Desktops….Kobo is already on iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre and Android.  You can already download to an eReader with eInk screens, and very soon – you will be able to use our own eInk App!  In February we will begin supporting Tablets running Windows and Android, and in 60 days, we will have Kobo for iPad.    This means your books go with you wherever you are.  You can bounce from device to device with a seamless reading experience. So, read on your iPad while you are at home. When you’re on your way to work, pick up where you left off on your iPhone or Blackberry.  No device lock in.
  • We will be EVERYWHERE you live, read, shop.  We already have users in 200 countries and that’s a big advantage out of the gate. We have retail and device partners all over the world, and we will be announcing new partners in addition to Borders, Indigo, RedGroup shortly. 
  • We will be OPEN, in every way.   

Today was an exciting day for the eBook market, but it won’t be the last.  This market is white hot and we will continue to see more devices, more content, and more innovation coming from Kobo – that I can absolutely guarantee.