“Curiouser and curiouser.” – Lewis Carroll from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Reading isn’t about isolation, it’s about exploration, and the Kobo Arc lineup of tablets was created to take you further. Whether you prefer eBooks, magazines, or online browsing, it offers the richest experience imaginable. Today, Kobo introduced the Kobo ARC 10HD and Kobo Arc 7HD – the best high-definition tablets for Readers.


Google-certified with uncompromised access to more than 1-million games and apps from the Google Play Store, the powerful Kobo Arc 7HD and Kobo Arc 10HD have the best high-definition screens making them the perfect devices on which to enjoy a paper-cut-free magazine experience with all of your favourite publications – the way they were supposed to be viewed – in full colour and with stunning visuals.


As you delve deeper, the Kobo Arc lineup enriches your journey with Beyond the Book, allowing you to click on highlighted words and explore related articles, multimedia, and online discussions. On the other hand, when you want to take a break from the outside world, you can turn on Reading Mode to disconnect from email and social media, while extending your battery life from hours to days.


The new Kobo Arc 7HD and Kobo Arc 10HD tablets were created to take you further. Where will your Kobo take you?