The Kobo Glo has been a Kobo fan favourite since it launched. Many of our readers like the Kobo Glo for an obvious reason – it keeps the pages of their eBook lite up for easier reading. Most recently, TopTenREVIEWS tested it out and named it one of the top eReaders for 2014!

In addition to the full review on the Top Ten Reviews site, journalist Karina Fabian of Top Ten Reviews would like to share her top six features of the Kobo Glo – check it out!

1. Even Lighting
One of the reasons the Kobo Glo made the list is that the light is impressively even, lacking the blemishes or random bright spots you might find on other eBook readers. It’s not just Top Ten Reviews that appreciates the lighting, according to Wired, the screen of the Kobo Glo owes its consistent lighting to the tiny scores on the screen that carry the device’s light waves. While you won’t notice the scores, you will notice how easy it is to read the text underneath them.

2. Compact Size
The Kobo Glo’s compact size is another big advantage when it comes to eBook readers, according to Engadget. It measures 6.4-by-4.5 inches, and is 0.39 inches thick. Of course, its light weight is a good thing, too. At 6.5 ounces, it’s a bit lighter than many other popular eBook readers on the market. You will likely appreciate this after spending a few hours holding the device while reading your favorite book.

3. Easy to Read Text
This eBook reader features a high contrast ratio that makes the text look extra sharp on the screen. If you've struggled with slightly blurred text on a device of this kind, you will appreciate the Kobo Glo's contrast ratios. If text still appears unclear, it’s easy to use the Type Genius to adjust how sharp the font looks.

4. Customizable Fonts
Not only is the font easy to read, it's also easy to change according to your preferences. The device has 11 fonts, and once you choose the one you want, you can change its size. You can also change the margins and line spacing to match your personal preference, greatly improving your reading experience.

5. Social Features
If you want to be a bit more social when you read, you’ll enjoy the Kobo Glo’s Reading Life software. This feature tells you how many pages you have read, how long you have been reading, and how many books you have read on the device. You can even link your account to your Facebook profile and amass trophies for your reading habits. This is just another feature that differentiates the Kobo Glo from other eBook readers you might be considering.

6. eBook Store
Like other eBook readers, the Kobo Glo has its own store for buying books. The Kobo Store actually has over 2.5 million books available, and one million of those are free. In particular regions you can even get subscriptions to magazines and newspapers if you feel like catching up on the latest news. Once you purchase your books, you can store up to 1,000 of them at a time on your device. In the unlikely event that there isn't enough space for your books, you can use the 32GB of expandable memory to increase your storage capacity.

These are just a few of the major benefits of the Kobo Glo, and why this device has been favorably compared to the best eBook readers on the market.  These reasons are why we’re thrilled to have the Kobo Glo on our list of Top Ten eReaders for 2014. All of these fantastic features taken together, they make a compelling case for giving the Kobo Glo a closer look if you're searching for an above-average reading experience.