Our team is constantly on the move – meeting booksellers, publishers, and authors around the world. I’ve spent fewer days in our Toronto head office than ever, but am incredibly excited by the opportunities that lie outside our corner of Liberty Village.  We’re moving quickly towards expansion into Asia, and have just returned from visits in Korea, Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan.


Each of these trips was incredible and will surely act as a stepping-stone for our growth. My most recent trip to India was inspirational and resonated with what Kobo is trying to achieve most – to get more people reading around the world, anytime, anyplace and on any device. With a population of 1.2-billion people and a voracious appetite for reading, more than 90,000 titles are published in India annually. 


India does however face a challenge; its paper is becoming increasingly expensive which will significantly impact publishers. This is countered however with the widespread availability of internet services and mobile devices. It’s a perfect time for India’s publishers, authors and booksellers to come together and bring digital reading to its passionate Readers.


I’m looking forward to taking this next step in India and the rest of Asia, working towards achieving our goal of being the best eReading service in the world.  Stay tuned.