James Rollins was at Kobo HQ to talk about his latest novel The Blood Gospel with  author Andrew Pyper, whose own new book,  The Demonologist, deals with some of the same themes.

In true Rollins tradition, The Blood Gospel blends cutting-edge science, historical mystery and haunting suspense. This is a Gothic tale about a secret sect within the Vatican, and the hunt for a miraculous book that just might hold the secrets to Christ’s very divinity.

“I try to poke through the veil,” says Rollins. When asked if he thinks there really is a secret sect within the church, he said “I think the whole church is somewhat secret.”

He told Pyper that this is the first book he’s ever written as a collaboration – with novelist Rebecca Cantrell.

“We Skyped every Monday for four to six hours to talk through the story,” says Rollins, they divvied up the parts of the book they were each best suited to.  Cantrell handled a lot of the historical detail and Rollins took science

It was a great conversation watch for the video on our YouTube Channel