“Think Bigger” is something I often say to our team at Kobo. It’s been one of the keys to our success. When we started a little over three years ago, it was this very idea that accelerated our growth. As a start-up in Canada, we knew that the transformation of print to digital would take approximately 25 years to be pervasive on an international level. While we could have focused on our local market, we knew that we didn’t just want to be the best in our own backyard – we wanted to be one of the five global leaders which we believed would see this transformation through.

Thinking bigger, gave us a way to articulate our passion. It gave us a way to pursue goals that - when we were first starting out - seemed crazy to everyone but us. It has led us to be #1 or #2 in 10 of the fourteen markets where we’ve built localized eReading experiences. It will continue to lead us into the future as we expand into new countries like India, China and Russia, as we design new eReaders and tablets, and as the next evolution of print materials go digital.

While our ability to think bigger has helped Kobo to become one of the powerhouses in eReading in an incredibly short period of time, it’s also something that I encourage entrepreneurs to do from the outset. Challenge every decision with your own creativity and ask, “Could it be bigger?” The answers will be important to your success.