Just heading into Book Expo America, one of the largest book publishing conferences in the world, the Kobo team is proud to announce triple digit growth this year! Our eBook downloads have grown by 400 percent, with eReader sales up by 160 percent, and eReaders by 280 percent year-over-year!

Kobo’s success during its short history demonstrates its winning partnership “playbook” for booksellers and retailers as the eReading industry gains momentum around the world.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of a string of successes for the company. Recent highlights include:

  • The high-profile acquisition by Rakuten, the world’s third-largest e-commerce company, offering unparalleled opportunities to extend Kobo’s reach through some of the world’s largest international e-commerce companies including Buy.com and Play.com.
  • The number of people reading with Kobo Internationally has grown by 280 percent
  • Kobo eReader device sales increased over 160 percent from the previous year and eBook downloads increased almost 400 percent
  • Kobo surpassed 2.5-million titles with 1-million free books and books in 60 languages represented in its content catalogue. Kobo recently partnered with the McClatchy Group, Dark Horse Comics and Trajectory Classics Illustrated to bring readers the latest comic, graphic novels, newspapers, as well as the hottest titles.
  • Kobo’s employee base has more than doubled since January 2012, with growth in Canada, the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Luxembourg, and France

Stay tuned for more and more exciting news from Kobo this year!