5 terrific tips for taking advantage of summer’s booktastic reading conditions


Whether it’s the bright dresses, crowded patios or soaring temperatures that tipped you off, there’s no question that we’re currently in the dog days of summer.


For avid readers, that means you can crawl out from under your layers of blankets and tuck them away for a bit in order to explore the great outdoors---with an eReader or book in hand, of course!


Here’s a list of our favourite spots to read when the hot hot heat is upon us:


1. By The Pool

Whether you own an inground or aboveground, or are simply enjoying the neighbourly scene at your local community pool, reading next to water is a classic pleasure (especially when your eReader is waterproof).

Suggested read: Villa America by Liza Klaussmann


2. At Your Local Haunt

Nothing says ‘you’re an adult now’ quite like reading under the twinkling glow of patio lights (with a glowing eReader) while enjoying a cold one at any number of your cities breweries, bars or cafés. Whether it’s a place where everyone knows your name or you’re simply a fly on the wall, reading in a sea of smiling faces can add some ambience to your latest read.

Suggested read: Where Did You Sleep Last Night By Lynn Crosbie


3. On The Road (or Stuck in Transit)

Planning a road trip this summer? Find a way to weasel yourself out of driving duties by promising to pay for all of the driver’s coffee. That way you can read to your heart’s content while a pine-scented air freshener dangles from the rear-view mirror. Is the inside of a car considered reading outside? It is if you roll down the windows! 

Suggested read: Any of Jack Kerouac’s novels or Paper Towns by John Green.

If you’re not lucky enough to get away this summer, you can distract yourself from all the summer road closures and public transit jams that will ultimately mean more bus stop loitering by making sure you’ve got a great book on you at all times.

Suggested read: This Is Not A Love Story: A Memoir by Judy Brown is fascinating enough that you’ll forget you’re late for work.


4. In Cottage Country

The trek up to the cottage was worth it. Now breathe in the clean air, light a couple of citronella candles and get reacquainted with some old favourites (probably lying around the cottage from your last visit) or skim through a couple of new ones.  You can even treat yourself to a dip in the lake after finishing a chapter.

And if it rains all weekend, who cares? More reading time.

Suggested read: His Whole Life by Elizabeth Hay


5. In a Hammock

Okay, now this is just pure book nerd fantasy, but wouldn’t it be awesome if every park or backyard in the summer was equipped with the perfect hammock chair for reading? Who wouldn’t want to spend the whole day swaying gently while reading their favourite titles? Just a thought…

Suggested Read: In this particular fantasy, every book lover on earth would be given a copy of Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman.


Now it’s your turn, dear reader, to tell us where you love to do your outdoor reading in the summertime?