Have you met the worst person ever? If not, Douglas Coupland can introduce you to him in his latest book. Coupland dug deep into the dark side and came up with a quirky, irreverent and hilarious new book – his first novel in four years – about the worst person ever. Ray Gunt is the worst. Based on a real person, Ray is an English, potty-mouthed, down-and-out cameraman works on the TV show Survivor -- that is, if he can ever get to the Pacific island where it’s being filmed.

“It’s a very funny, very profane book,” Coupland told us when he stopped by Kobo HQ to tell us about Ray.  Coupland told us lots more about what inspired him and the freaky part of creating characters, especially ones that aren’t very nice.

It was a fascinating conversation. Check it out!