When did you first fall in love with romance as a genre? At fifteen, with a Harlequin Romance, Where Seagulls Cry by Yvonne Whittal.

Who are some of your author-ly inspirations? Christine Feehan, Linda Howard, Angela Knight, Shayla Black, Nalini Singh, JD Robb… just to name a few. Though I do admit to being horribly picky. Books must have a good romance to excitement ratio that my imagination requires. But I’m always trying new authors, so the list does get added to.

Fill in the blank: romance is the spice of life.

What makes a good romance novel, hero or heroine? It’s not an either/or. It’s the hero and heroine, the chemistry they display against whatever they’re facing. I love romantic suspense, so it’s how that situation involves the characters. But even more importantly, it’s watching the romance grow. I love reading a book that has all those elements, it drags me in, holds me and makes me fall in love with hero and the heroine while experiencing their emotions with them. It’s incredible.

Tell us about your newest book? Wake A Sleeping Tiger, from my Breed series, is the story of Cullen, a human genetically enhanced with the DNA of a Bengal tiger, though his genes have recessed and with that, the abilities other breeds have. But they start to appear when he learns that Chelsea, his P.A., is quitting. She’s leaving the Navajo Law Enforcement Agency because he’s refused to allow her to use her training on assignments.


What’s your all-time favourite fictional love story (it doesn’t need to be a book!)? All time favorite is Beauty and the Beast, or the various versions of it. The dark hero, the heroine that reaches in and pulls free all the love and longing he’s refused to share. That would be my favorite, no matter the form it takes.

What are you reading now? I’ve been re-reading Nalini Singh’s Caressed By Ice. It’s one of my all time favorite books, along with Christine Feehan’s Dark Guardian, and several others. They’re the stories I go to when I need to decompress after I finish writing a book.

What are some common misconceptions people have about romance readers or writers? Well for me, as a writer, a misconception I’ve found others believe is that I control the story. I don’t. I wish I did. I wish it were that easy! I could write the best plot in the world, sit down to put it into a story and before the third chapter is finished it will change completely and go in a direction I couldn’t have imagined. And if I don’t follow that direction, then my imagination shuts down like turning off a light. But when it really works, I can get lost for days in the adventure, and enjoy every moment of it.

As for readers, I think a common misconception is that all they read is romance, which isn’t true of most readers. I love Tom Clancy and James Patterson. So romance isn’t all we read. We enjoy a very broad selection I think.

Describe your dream date (and your dream date partner). What’s a date? No seriously! I spend all my time writing. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date actually. My dream date partner would steal my breath with a smile, but challenge me as well. I get bored easy. My dream date, would be a trip to a musty old bookstore, a corner table, cheese and wine, and a discussion on romance books versus mainstream fiction and why romance is just so much better in my opinion.

Speaking of dates, if you could choose anyone, living or dead to have a coffee with, who would you choose? That’s a tough one. But I am known to say that when I die, I hope God has a pot of coffee and a little time for me, because I got questions…