Updated September 6, 2016

Hi fellow booklovers,

Thank you for checking out our Reading Activity email. This email provides you with your latest personalized reading activity—similar to how you may view activity on your Kobo eReader or Kobo App. The Reading Activity email also shows you recommendations for your next read. Finally, it allows us to share some fun facts about how Kobo readers like you, all over the world, are enjoying their reading lives.

We’ve made some improvements based on your feedback and we’d love to continue to get your thoughts on our Reading Activity emails. Please visit the survey link included in the email.

How does Kobo generate the statistics you receive in your Kobo Reading Activity email?

Each statistic is generated whenever you read:

  • a Kobo eBook preview
  • a non-Kobo eBook that you uploaded
  • a free Kobo eBook
  • a purchased Kobo eBook

on any Kobo eReader, Kobo mobile app or Kobo desktop app. We have also included eBook and author recommendations based on eBooks you’ve recently read.

Hours Read:

Total number of hours you read eBooks on a Kobo eReader or Kobo app

Pages Turned:

Days you opened a book:

Total number of pages you turned while reading eBooks on a Kobo eReader or Kobo App

Total number of days you read eBooks on a Kobo eReader or Kobo App

Kobo eBooks Finished:

Total number of Kobo eBooks you’ve finished. A Kobo eBook is defined as “finished” once you mark it as “Read” or as soon as you read 90% of the eBook (we assume at 90% that you’re going to finish the book)

Your most recent reads:

A list of some of the Kobo eBooks you’ve recently read

Top recos for you:

Book recommendations based on the genre(s) you’ve read the most

Most popular authors among readers like you:

These authors are recommended to you based on recent popular authors read among readers like you