How does Kobo generate the metrics you receive in your Kobo Reading Activity email?  

Each metric is generated whenever you read a downloaded Kobo eBook preview, a free Kobo eBook or a purchased Kobo eBook on any Kobo eReader, Kobo mobile or desktop app. This Reading Activity email provides your personal reading activity from October through December, 2015.

We have also included eBook recommendations based on your reading preference and average hours read of others within the same genre(s).


Hours Read:

 Total number of hours you have read Kobo eBooks

Pages Turned:

 Total number of pages you have turned while reading Kobo eBooks.

Books Finished:

 Total number of Kobo eBooks you have finished. A book is deemed finished  once you ‘mark it as read’ or as soon as you pass 90% of the total eBook  content. (Because we assume at 90% read that you are going to finish it)

Days Read:

 Total number of days during which you have read Kobo eBooks.

Reading Preference:

 The most dominant genre in your full Kobo eBook library. If  our library as multiple dominant genres, your taste will be categorized as  'Eclectic'. Your reading preference may change as you add more eBooks to  your library.

Average Hours Read in the same Reading Preference:

 Average hours read by Kobo readers who have the same genre preference  as you.

At the bottom of the email are fun facts about the Kobo reading community you’re a part of – for example, the average number of words read on average per reader in 2015. These numbers represent everyone who has read an eBook on any Kobo eReader, Kobo mobile or desktop app in 2015.

Average number of words read:

  Average number of words read by Kobo readers.

Average number of dictionary lookups:

  Average number of words looked up by Kobo readers.

Readers who enjoyed a book from a series:

  Kobo readers who have read an eBook in a book series.